Banish your fat with a Lipofirm Wrap, a highly scientifically proven fat cell reduction treatment.

Lipofirm Wrap works by breaking down fat cells and aiding the body in transporting released Triglycerides through the body's natural waste processes allowing the contents of the fat cell to be naturally eliminated from the body.

Lipofirm Wrap is based on active ingredients and applied topically using a transdermal system for the bio-active phospholipids to travel to the adipose fat cell. The wrap solution needs to activated by heat to trigger the ingredients to deepen and destruct the fat cell.

The research and development into the creation of Lipofirm Wrap has been based on clinical studies relative to the bio active ingredients along with tailoring treatments to work alongside technologies devices such as ultrasound cavitation, trilipo with DMA, radio frequency, laser lipolysis, infra red or heated blanket. When adding at no extra treatment time to your device Lipofirm Wrap enhances the bodies results to produce even further results for inch loss, cellulite reduction and body contouring.

Lipofirm Wrap requires to be sealed with Lipofirm Wrap membrane and then conducted by heat for up to 40mins to activate the ingredients to produce instant results.


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